2016 Redlands California

The start of a new shooting season takes me to Redlands California with my travel/shooting companion Primo.

This is the first time for the Golden Bear and Maple Leaf shoots since the bunkers at Miramar were cosed.

Steve Lakatos and the gang have made two very nice bunkers.

Taking 4 months off shooting, never thought it would be that hard, after the first day of training,,,9 rounds, I hurt all over.

Oh…forgot, I had let my form 6nia expire so had put my ill fitting stock (thanks to more weight loss) onto a borrowed (from Primo) MX-8. I quickly realized I had to do something about the stock…enter a good friend…David Senter, who always has the latest and coolest stuff…TSK fully adjustable stocks from Italy. I begged him to sell me RIGHT NOW, so he did and it went on my gun. Okay good way to start the year…out of shooting shape, borrowed gun and new stock…sounds like a receipt for success…not!

Got feeling better the last three days and stopped adjusting the stock…it now shoots where I point it…patterning plates are wonderful..came second in the Golden Bear.

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