2017 Year wrap-up

I had high hopes for this year. I planned on an extended period of training in Phoenix at the Ben Avery Shooting facility (ended up being about 5 weeks!) and a SFC High Performance training camp in Tucson at the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club (TTSC) before going to Acapulco for the first World Cup of the year. I was familair with the range in Acapulco so I was not planning on arriving very early, but I miss calculated and arrive a day later than ideal, so I was unable to practice on one of the fields, this would later prove problematic; when I did not have a firm eyehold for that range and shot my lowest score on the way to a 116/125 for the match.

The next World Cup was back in Larnaca, Cyprus; a range I really enjoy. I was high by a lot of over thinking and decided to change my approach to eye hold at this range and struggled with seeing the birds and timing and I also got into my own head and had issues knowing when to pull the trigger. Not a good result here.

Starting with a High Performance camp at the PanAm legacy facilty in Cookstown at TITS I began to suffer from periods of gout. Gout in your big toe feels like a red hot knife has been pushed into your joint…ouch is right! I came second to Curtis Wennberg so took home the title of Open Champion.

Gout stayed with me as I won another Manitoba Provincial Single title.

It was with me at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia in September, except this time the gout was joined by a bad chest/head cold. My first time in Russia. Results were below average at 106/125.

So ended the shooting year.

I got a complete physical, some gout medication that is approved for shooters and decided to go to Tillar, Arkansas for the USA SHooting Fall Selection match. One of those wierd matches where I could not hit a left going target to save my life.

Competitive shooting was over in the fall as the snow begins to fly at home, now it is time to turn to improving my coachine credentials. In November I successfully completed (with a mark high enough to take the A course in the future) the ISSF B level coaching certification that was held in Finland. In December I whent to Dallas, TX to be cetified as a Mental Management Systems Instructor by Lanny Bassham.

Before 2017 eneded I filled out an application for Sport Canada Athlete Asssitance Program Carding for 2018…wait and see

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