Beginning of 2018: a new year

Time for soul searching after last year. SFC had introduced new requirements for National and Developemnt team status and also the ability to travel. I was on the Development team, but with only one qualifying score, I was not eligible to travel to World Cups.

SFC also introduced a new system for qualifying which includes 5 opportunities for qualifying scores, 4 of which are mandatory events and one is of the shooters choice. The HPTT events are a 250 bird match in Vancouver, BC (in May) and the 250 bird match of the Canadian Nationals. The Canadian Nationals were finally set for Edmonton, AB for the second week in August.

These two events are the team trials for the Championships of the Americas (know as CAT games); my new primary focus for the year. The CAT games are being held in Guadalajara, MX in the fall (OCt 31—Nov 6).

I got a clean bill of health from a complete physical, except for high uric acid levels (which leads to gout). But rather than take daily medication I have opted for controlling these levels with diet and exercise. I am gout and pain free.

I also got some excellent news that my score in Acapulco the previous year was good enough for me to be awarded one of 5 AAP cards that were alloted to SFC for 2018. Helps a lot with training and competition expenses.

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