Victory Ammunition factory visit

In reality G&L Calibers Ltd, P.O. Box 22198 Nicosia CY-1518

I was greeted by the Managing Director: Evelthon Psimolophitis and was given a tour of the production facility in the Ergates Industrial estates, located at GPS coordinates:

N35° 352.74, E33°1324.92

To ensure the highest quality and most control of the cartiridge loading process, to produce the highest quality ammunition possible, this company makes, in house, the plastic tube, plastic base, wad, ‘brass’ base cap and thus assemblies to hull which they prime with imported primers, load with oneof 16 different types of powders and the selected shot.

I was very impressed by the facility whihc employs 19 people and will produce on average 25 million cartridges per year, surprisingly to me the ratio of competition cartidges to hunting is almost 50:50.

I ahve been using the Victory Compak for the last 3 weeks and thinkthey are a great cartridge for a variety of clay target activities.

What I found interested in the testing station was the velocity the cartidges were at significately lower pressures…yes, less recoil, and their competitors.

Ready….one shot kill….second shot kill


What can be better than reading the word “Victory” everytime you load a cartridge?!

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