World Cup: Acapulco, Mexico

I competed in the first World Cup of the year in Acapulco, nice place to start the year.

I was home for one and a half days from Cyprus, before leaving for Acapulco.

Pictured are the new ranges 1 & 2 in Acapulco…they were still under construction during practice rounds when I first got there.

Range 1
Range 2

Just got back from Acapulco yesterday afternoon, overnighted in Houston. Houston to Acapulco is the ONLY way to go.

A friend that flew though Mexico City missed his flight because the Police were so slow in clearing his gun…he had a 6 hour layover and needed 8 hours!

Avoid Mexico City.

Another interesting thing happened…as we all know you can carry 5kg (5 boxes) of ammunition with you if you want on the airplanes (I never bother because it is not enough to be useful), but what I found out is that there is a max the aircraft will take…25kg, so the Italian team got to the plane and used the ammunition allotment and the British team could not get theirs on, so they rented a car and drove 4.5 hours from Mexico City to Acapulco.

As we know a shotgun shell has little power and primer, the weight is mostly lead…a flat of Kemen had an interesting label…see attached. If the airlines would agree to this assumption then we could take enough ammunition for a match.

I shot the Mexican shell Aguila…#8 for first barrel and 71/2 for second…1350 fps They worked good.

Day 1... 24/25+25/25 = 49/50

Day 2... 23/25+24/25+21/25 = 68/75

Total of 117/125 good for 54th of 89 shooters….great start to the year.

I have a plan to correct the dropped targets.

I leave in 7 days to go to the second World Cup, this time in UAE…nice and HOT there. In UAE will have to shoot either RC4 or Fiocchi.

There is a trend to faster shells for International (Olympic) trap shooting overseas…normals are becoming between 1370 and 1450 fps from the major brands.

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