World Cup: Gabala, AZE

August 6 to 16, including travel.

Arrived early with Primo to stay a few days in Baku to training at the brand new shooting centre made for the European Games. The business of getting our guns was somewhat confused, in time we got our guns and left to put them in the Baku Range amore where we would practice but in the middle of the night they knew nothing about this and the inability of us to communicate might we just took the guns to the hotel.

IMG 6117.jpg

Not going to drive here. Baku is the capital and has very nice hotels and restaurants: some good sushi believe it or not.

The new shooting range was closed, but they opened it each day for us and managed to find us enough trap shells to use…fine Russian made @ 15 Euros per box.

IMG 6141.jpg

IMG 6127.jpg

Primo and I set a couple of tables on thebunkers and practiced for 5 days.

Then hired a car to traveled the 4 hours to Gabala, a ‘resort’ town in the mountains.

Great range with excellent background, the trend towards high scores continued.

IMG 6330.jpg
IMG 6342.jpg

Food and water were making many people sick, not a place many people want to go back too.

This was good food for breakfast.

IMG 6358.jpg

Met up with a coach of Vadim’s and gave him a Cdn hat and t-short from Vadim.

IMG 6360.jpg

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